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2009: Lessons learned

Posted in Uncategorized by ottojungsf on December 23, 2009

Here are a few mistakes I have made this year and lessons you can learn from.

Replenish calories you burn: Eating 3000 calories a day is a job and between work and training it can be easy to skip meals. The problem is daily caloric deficits can add up and soon you start losing muscle mass. As someone who doesn’t need to lose weight, this led me to burnout, fatigue, and tiredness. My solution is to now have snacks that require no preparation (pretzels, yogurt cups, and almonds).

Dress for warmth not time: Competitive triathletes are always looking for ways to shave seconds off their time. A foolish way is to wear less clothing to save time during transition. I made this mistake after a 57 degree swim in the Pacific and paid the price with hypothermia and a “Did not finish” (DNF). The solution is to wear enough clothing to keep you warm. In my opinion it is better to add 30 seconds to your time then not finish.

Have a plan (or two): Planning meals and workouts takes time and effort. Since most don’t have time to spare a good plan is to purchase workout plans tailored to your goals and nutrition plans based on your dietary needs. Having a professional design my nutrition and workouts around my needs has saved me time. There are a number of plans available online at sites such as that cost under $100.


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